Senor Rooter leak detection services

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Our plumbers prioritize your home’s well-being. We excel in leak detection and utilize cutting-edge equipment for efficient and accurate solutions, ensuring a job well done from the start. Your satisfaction is our top concern, and we treat your property like we would our own mother’s.

When you reach out, one of our skilled SENOR ROOTER PLUMBING & DRAINS Plumbers, experts in leak detection, will promptly assess and resolve your issue. We maintain a commitment to honesty and transparency, providing upfront flat-rate pricing. Contact us to schedule your next residential plumbing service.

Water Leak Detection

We take pride in being the premier Leak Detection company in the DFW area. With two decades of experience in locating leaks, we boast the finest equipment available for pinpointing water leaks. Our commitment to excellence and top-tier technology ensure that we consistently deliver unmatched service and expertise in the field.


When it comes to locating sewer leaks, we are equipped with a comprehensive array of industry tools and techniques. Our process begins with a hydrostatic test, followed by a thorough camera inspection. If necessary, we perform isolation testing, which entails dividing the sewer system into sections and testing each part to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. We persist until we locate the leak, and it's not uncommon for property owners to contact us after other plumbers have given up on finding sewer leaks.
Our expert plumbers are trained to address sewer leaks in less than 24 hours.
*All sewer repairs
*Main sewer replacement
*Sewer leak repair
*Sewer Belly
*Camera Inspection
*Sewer System Replacement
*Hydrostatic Test *Isolation Test

Inside Walls Leak Detection

Interior wall leaks can indeed be quite challenging to pinpoint. Water within the wall can travel extensive distances, often leading to confusion where the source may not seem obvious, and it may be mistaken for a slab leak. In such cases, our 20 years of experience truly shine. We can discern, based on how the water travels down the wall, that it is not a slab leak. We employ specialized tools like thermal cameras and others to accurately locate and address the issue within the interior walls.


Meter leaks, Yard leaks, Shotoff box leak, Water house foucet leaks, Side walk leaks, Drive way leaks, Sewer line leaks, Main water line leak, Sprinkler sytem leak, Parking lot leaks, Commercial leak repair, Leaks in aparments, Leaks in Restaurants etc.

Gas Leak Detection

We understand the urgency and inconvenience of a gas leak. When the city shuts off your gas, it becomes an immediate emergency to restore hot water, heating, and cooking capabilities to your home. We treat all gas leaks as emergencies and prioritize scheduling to get you back up and running without delay. With 20 years of experience and the finest gas leak detection tools at our disposal, our expert technicians are ready to swiftly address the issue and restore your gas supply. Contact us, and we'll work diligently to get your gas service back on track. Parking lot leaks etc.